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Venison Cuts

You get an early start in the morning for a day of deer hunting and if you’re good, and/or lucky, you get that record deer you’ve always dreamed about.  Now the question is; what to do with your deer?  Should you spend hours cleaning and dressing it just to bring home what’s left after the butcher job you did in the woods?  Why not place that job in the capable hands of the professionals at The Deer Shack?

A general rule is that more than 50% of the total weight of the deer is lost in processing.  Fur, skin, fat, bones and organs make up most of a deer.  Butchering your own deer may seem like an easy money saving task, but most hunters lose a great deal of valuable meat due to a lack of knowledge and proper equipment. 

Meat begins to spoil almost immediately, so the faster you can get it processed, packaged and chilled the better.  Bring your deer to The Deer Shack and get it dressed, processed and packaged in less time ensuring that you get fresh, healthy meat for your family.  Great care is taken to make sure you get the best cuts of steaks, roasts, burgers, and sausage.

Drop off and pick up is quick and easy.  Just back your truck up to our easy access loading dock and then pick up your processed, wrapped and freezer ready meat at the front of the store when it’s ready.

Now what can be easier than that?

Packaged Meats
Venison Burger

The images below show the breakdown of skeleton, organs and
throw away versus the meat yielded from your processed deer.

Deer Skeleton Deer Muscles Organs Deer Cuts Chart

Deer on Bike

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